Hubbard Map from the New York State Library
Map indicating route from Boerum Hill to Canarsie (work in progress)

Maps are a graphic reminder of how the city has changed and a resource for imagining the city as it once was. To the left is a detail from the 1666 Hubbard Map from the New York State Library digital collections. You can make out the words Canarsie Indian Fields, which correspond to the area we are planting in. You can view an enlarged version of this map online at:

Another great map resources that was an inspiration for the project is Indian Paths in the Great Metropolis by Reginald Bolton (1922), published by the Museum of the American Indian.

I'm currently working on a map to accompany this project. The map points out historical Indian paths which are now main roads; altered waterways; and other places corn is growing. The DOT bike lanes you can use on this route are close to the original pathways that the Indians took throughout the area.

Download and print the map:
Turnsheets for the
bike routes are also available (you can print them on the back of the map):

If you have any feedback about the map or routes please get in touch.