map from Indian Paths in the Great Metropolis

The Canarsee Planting Land garden is located in the back of P.S. 115 on East 91st between Avenues L and M in Canarsie, Brooklyn. This is in the heart of the documented "Canarsee planting land" (see green dot on map). Brooklyn was once occupied by the Canarsee Indians, and the neighborhood still retains their name. The planting land in Canarsie was the largest in the borough. The Canarsee Indians were one of the Algonquian-speaking groups called the Lenape who were the original inhabitants of the New York area.

A 1665 Indian deed for the land stipulated that "the purchasers once and for always a fence shall set at Canarissen for the protection of the Indians cultivation."

This summer, we are planting rare Lenape blue corn and Lenape cutshort beans—reminders of the Lenape heritage in the area. In addition to the corn and beans, we are planting white scallop bush squash and neck pumpkin.

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ps 115, April 22

ps 115, June 21